9 Points on How to Engage Fans on Facebook

Today when almost everybody are present on different social media outlets, what is there that makes a difference and decides for somebody to be a big success and rest just aspiring to be that. Every one of us very well know that social media makes the marketing application more effective and result oriented. However, very few of us know how to best utilize it for the ultimate results. Engaging fans and followers through social media network is an art but not a rocket science that it cannot be cracked by everyone. You are just a few miles away from the destiny. So gear up and master this art.

There are n numbers of ways you can engage users on your social media outlet. Let me present you nine primaries of them.


People talk about everything on Facebook from their day at the office to the latest movie that they saw. Hence,make it more personal while dealing on Facebook. It makes your fan feel more connected to your brand

Use visuals

Photo albums, pictures and videos are more likely to increase people engagement on social media networks. They make your content more catchy and interesting

Start Contest

Running a contest on Facebook is a wonderful idea however at the same time you must abide by the specific guidelines of running contest there. Attach the deal with the content while the contest. Make it more like a brand related quiz.

Be comic

Crack a joke, play a prank and create some humor through your post. Comedy helps you connect to the audience.

Be Receptive

Most of the marketers do not respond to the comments made by the users however they should squeeze out time from their schedule to do that. Your fans will be pleased and it is an easy way to increase user engagement and create lasting relationship.

Post at most favorable time

Consider audience demographic before posting anything. Suppose your audience are mostly active on the social media outlet in the evening and your post was submitted somewhere around 10 in the morning and no one is around to see it, then that’s a waste of both time and intellect. As so much content is posted every day it is not easy for users to scroll down and see the older posts all the time.

Talk about current events

Discuss about what’s new and burning be it the Valentine’s Day or something happened somewhere say a news.

Ask open-ended questions

Ask some open ended questions while conveying your point and spreading the information among the people and let your fans vent out.

Identify your audience

Try identifying your audience and their taste. What do they like, what do they love to talk about and so on. Know about their gender, ages and likes & dislikes and accordingly promote your product.
Moreover, the idea is that how much you research. The more you research, the better you deal on Facebook. Hence, keep researching and developing new ideas instead of repeating yourself unnecessarily.
It is time you started Internet marketing before it is too late